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They had that African-American lady, Claudia, on the bridge, too. Lancer turns over his Beta fighter to Scott and rushes to Lunk's aid aboard one of the ships after he is hit. Concepts such as kissing, love, and marriage are foreign to them. He panics and tries to shield Rook from the horror. The resulting battle finally affirms Rick's feelings for Lisa, but Minmei is left hanging.

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The ALUCE forces link up with those coming from Earth for the attack on the Robotech Masters' fleet, with the intention of invading the ships themselves.

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Robotech Rewatch 57: Aliens Cloned My Girlfriend

There are a whole lot of bros. She turns out to be an Invid spy sent to infiltrate the resistance operation and stop it from within. Defenders Of The Earth: Another encounter with the Invid amidst the wreckage shakes Scott out of his stupor long enough to kill all of the attackers. Minmei, on the other hand, is fed up with Lynn Kyle's interfering in her affairs and parts ways with him after her concert the same day, where she refused to sing.

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