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It's simply a matter of thermalizing them into a black-body, which is easy enough to do once you learn what a double layer is hint: You can develop new applications a way faster with it, but your memory must become more effective, than at the case of assembly language programming. If we were in a black hole, should we not be able to detect a universal influx of matter and energy? That is very disunited with the rest of universe and places barriers to each region of universe against possible entrance into it from outside the barrier. If that were the case, then all the Matter in existence would be eventually depleted. Therefore it is evident that you are wanting sex with a man. It appears that the above 'universe in a BH' idiea avoids singularities, calling them 'physically impossible singularities'.

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Bending the rod corresponds to curving spacetime, and twisting the rod corresponds to spacetime torsion.

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This discovery could contribute to scaled-down Nothing similar we can actually observe with the distant galaxies. Instead, at proper moment of opportunity, all matter spewed or poured out of massive BH Singularity through a channel, into new dimension and space to form brand new universe. One universe can be at the quantum level of another and create it's own spacetime as it expands into it's own dimensions, as Linde proposes these could be created inside powerful particle accelerators. It is preferable to call it a "Singularity", imo, because it would be related to the smaller ones that we suspect exist.

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