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Frankie kept moving, bolting by house after house thank you track team until she came across another obstacle. She then crawled through the bushes until she was under a bush and tree. Frankie was in the middle of cleaning the living room when she heard the doorbell ring. As she was lathering her red hair, she noticed how quiet it was, it was too quiet even for this early in the morning. She ran behind a dumpster so they wouldn't see her. Frankie finally made it to her usual parking spot.

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The pills Emma put in her burrito had done it's work and Frankie was feeling a time bomb ready to blow.

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If they saw her take a giant dump in front of them, her hopes and chances of getting in would be over. She then hopped in the shower and closed the curtain. Frankie headed for the bathroom, making sure not to turn her head so the girls wouldn't see her reddening face. She was ecstatic that she had the house all to herself for the next 3 weeks. There wasn't much to do without a mansion filled with friends so she mostly caught up on her activities she missed out on due to free time that wasn't stolen by school was stolen by caring for the friends. She then grabbed a towel from under the sink and wrapped it around her nude body before she walked out of the bathroom. Once she regained her train of thought, she got back to her running.

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