External vagina diagram

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The surface of the wall also contains rugae, which are pleats of extra tissue that allow the vagina to expand during sex or childbirth. Most of the time it's normal, even if there's a different color. After delivery, the vagina and vaginal opening temporarily widen, but weeks post-delivery, the vagina returns to its pre-pregnancy size 5. Vaginal childbirth, frequent pressure on the abdomen from obesity or strained bowel movements, and menopause can increase risk for prolapse. The vulva includes the:. Guide to Vaginal Lumps and Bumps. What should you wear if you have a yeast infection?

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How the vagina changes during sex The vagina can also undergo more rapid changes, such as during sexual activity.

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Vaginas 101

The vagina connects the vulva to the cervix In a non-aroused state, the walls of the vagina are collapsed against each other The vagina changes: Download Clue to track all things related to your vagina: Anatomy of the vagina It may seem strange that an organ capable of passing an entire baby through it is also capable of holding a small tampon in place for hours. External Female Genital Organs. Throughout a pregnancy, the connective tissue of the vaginal walls progressively relaxes, in preparation for the delivery of a baby 5. What's the best underwear for working out? This shape allows menstrual blood to leave the vagina.

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external vagina diagram
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external vagina diagram
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