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This article will also explore plenty of other ways to pleasure your partner and yourself that do not involve sexual intercourse. The body contains many erogenous zones that are very sensitive and when touched in a sexual manner, can be very arousing. Here's the naked truth. The pad helps absorb any menstrual flow that may come out, and it even has the added bonus of making the vagina feel tighter to a male partner as he rubs against it. It is common for people to avoid engaging in sexual activities during menstruation.

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How to Choose a Lubricant.

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Is It Safe to Have Sex During Your Period?

Additionally, many women who engage in sex during menstruation report that their menstruation seems to end earlier than if they had not had sexual intercourse. Another great way to enhance cleanliness is to have sex in the shower. Giving or receiving a massage is a great way to build intimacy in a relationship, and to feel physically close to a partner without having sex. It is completely okay to not want to have sex while you or your partner are menstruating, but it is important to discuss those reasons with your partner. How to Enhance Intimate Sexual Experiences Emotional intimacy can lead to better sexual experiences for many people, especially women. During any sexual encounter, it is essential to ensure that your partner is comfortable and has given consent.

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